Barbirolli Room

Our newly refurbished concert room, the Barbirolli Room, was opened in 1982 by his late wife, oboist Evelyn Rothwell, and has been the venue for some fabulous concerts over the years.

Free parking & coffee bar

Centrally located and with good transport links, there is plenty of free parking and a great coffee shop, Bar’s Rest at the Blackburn School of Music.

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Whether you are an amateur or an aspiring professional, we have over twenty highly qualified and talented music teachers to help you on your musical journey. Contact us today

Teaching Music Since 1972
Established in 1972, the Blackburn School of Music has a passion for music in all its wonderful guises. With over twenty well qualified and highly talented teachers and 200+ students, the Blackburn School of Music provides the ideal environment to expand your musical ability. With a bustling coffee bar and lots of teaching rooms, there is always a lively atmosphere and plenty of people around to inspire and motivate you.

Music Lessons

Try your hand at your favourite musical instrument

Impress your family and friends with your guitar playing skills. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the guitar, or you are an advanced student, aiming to become a pro, contact Blackburn School of Music today.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced pianist, Blackburn School of Music can provide you with the right coaching and practice to help you progress quickly. We are based in Blackburn.

If you are searching for an established and experienced music school in Blackburn for saxophone, clarinet or flute tuition and other forms of music training, choose Blackburn School of Music for dedicated coaching and music lessons.

Pick up the skill you’ve always wanted and discover the joys of playing the violin. Our instructors are educated to an advanced level in their instrument and teach valuable fundamentals, music theory and techniques throughout the course.

Interactive, fun and interesting, our group cello classes are a great way for students to learn. Blackburn School of Music offers tuition for children and adults, specially designed to develop confidence, learn new techniques and be able to think creatively.


Discover the joy of drumming for the first time or take your playing to the next level. Learn from the professionals at Blackburn School of Music. Our teachers are highly skilled and qualified and deliver world-class lessons.

Professional singing lessons can really help to improve your confidence, or hone your natural talent. Enrol for professional singing lessons at the Blackburn School of Music and develop your natural singing talent.

A brass instrument is a musical instrument that produces sound by sympathetic vibration of air in a tubular resonator in sympathy with the vibration of the player’s lips.

Conveniently situated in the same building as our school, Time and Tune stocks a huge range of instruments to buy or hire alongside a range of printed music catering for all tastes.


The Blackburn School of Music is a centre for ABRSM, the world’s leading authority on music assessment.

The Music Saver provides an online ordering service for all your musical needs.


The Blackburn School of Music actively supports all education, so if you need extra help with maths and English, why not take a look at the First Class Learning website.

For music lessons in Blackburn, contact Blackburn School of Music on
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